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Light period swollen breasts

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Implantation is one of the most dramatic biological events of your entire pregnancy — conception being the first. But unlike conception, you may not even notice that implantation is happening, although some women experience period-like cramping and a little spotting. Either way, implantation silently marks the making of an embryo even before you know for sure that you're expecting. Implantation is the window of time during early pregnancy when a cluster of rapidly dividing cells — called a blastocyst — makes its way down the fallopian tube and burrows deep into the lining of the uterus. There, the newly hatched embryo starts releasing hormones that prepare your body for baby, turning off your period, building up the placenta , and possibly making you feel crampy and tired. While many consider fertilization to be the start of pregnancy, successful implantation is the more crucial hurdle.
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Itchy Breasts and Other Early Signs of Pregnancy

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Sore Breast After Period - Conceive Success

Every pregnancy is different so if you don't have any of these early signs, don't worry. This is a classic sign of pregnancy. If your period is late, take a pregnancy test to check whether you are pregnant. About eight to ten days after ovulation, you might have some cramps in your lower tummy.
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PMS Symptoms vs. Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy is a magical time period whether the conception is planned or a complete surprise. You need to take care of yourself during the pregnancy to ensure both you and the baby come out in good health. Determining if you are pregnant is tricky. It is important to identify conception early to avoid problems caused by a poor diet or a lack of pre-natal vitamins.
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If a woman is tuned in to her body, she might begin to suspect that she is pregnant within the first few days of pregnancy. Most women, however, don't suspect they are pregnant until they miss a period. A few don't suspect or believe they are pregnant for months after conception. A woman should take a pregnancy test if she misses a period. Early prenatal before the birth care is important to the health of the mother as well as the baby.
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